Olivia Burton Watches Make the Perfect Gift


Whether you are looking for a gift for a woman who is modern or traditional in style, choosing an Olivia Burton watch to give her may just be the smartest thing you do.

Olivia Burton watches are perfect for any woman in your life, whether that is your mother, sister, wife, cousin, friend or even a co-worker or your boss.

Why are Olivia Burton watches a great gift? -- Olivia Burton watches have been on the market for many years. They are a designer watch that is still affordable, and are also some of the highest quality watches you can buy.

When you also include that they are manufactured in both traditional and modern styles, so suitable for any woman, it is no wonder so many people now turn to Olivia Burton watches for the perfect gift.

What type of watches can you buy? -- Whether the person you are buying for likes modern, traditional, stylish or funky watches, you will find the perfect one at Olivia Burton.

The company makes watches of all different sizes, from those with a narrow band and a small face to others with a wide, chunky band and a large face.

Watches come in pastel colors, in gold and silver and in bright colors that really stand out.

Affordability -- These watches also tend to be on people's lists as one of the most perfect gifts as they are so affordable.

You can buy an Olivia Burton watch for under $150. A watch that is beautifully designed, well-made and made with high quality materials. Each watch is guaranteed for at least two years, and is likely to be a watch the woman you give it to will cherish for decades.

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Olivia Burton Watches


Who is Olivia Burton?

Best friends and co-founders Jema and Lesa founded the Olivia Burton brand of watches, jewelry, and accessories. Named after Lesa’s great aunt, the Olivia Burton brand focuses on creating timeless pieces with a classic vintage feel made from quality materials. Olivia Burton pieces are influenced by nature and fashion. Olivia Burton watches and jewelry are made to stand the test of time and are perfect as heirlooms to pass down in the family.


Olivia Burton Watches


Currently, Olivia Burton makes watches for women only. The Olivia Burton watch fragile look belies a well-made timepiece that would be the perfect gift for someone special in your life. Taking inspiration from the British countryside, the British Blooms Watch Collection features the Olivia Burton Marble Florals Silver 38mm watch with a case made of stainless steel, quartz movement, and a silver mesh strap. As well as the Olivia Burton Marble Florals Rose Gold 30mm watch with a stainless-steel case in a rose gold color, quartz movement, and London Grey strap color. Get an additional touch of whimsy by purchasing a British Blooms watch with the added design of a bee, kitten, or wolf. Olivia Burton combines florals designs with animals to create unique timepieces.




Online retailer COCOMi sells designer watches and accessories for both men and women from designers like Karl Lagerfeld, French Connection, Festina, Doxie, Rose & Coy and more. Select Olivia Burton watches from the British Blooms Collection, Vintage inspired watches, We Love Bees Collection, Artisan Dial Watches Collection are sold on the website. COCOMi offers a two-year warranty on all timepieces and free shipping within New Zealand and Australia for orders totaling more than AUD$50. Any inquiries can be made through the COCOMi contact us page on their website. Seasonal sales are held without the need for a promo code.


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Get Modernized Feminine Watches Made with Attractive Vintage-styles


Get Modernized Feminine Watches Made with Attractive Vintage-styles

Since the production of their first batch of accessories in 2012, Olivia Burton has proved to be the best manufacturer of the popular women watches in the world. The firm has invested in producing world-class watches which are made of high-quality materials, designed with unique figures utilizing various vintage, making them appealing to anyone who comes across them. Olivia Burton watches are for those who believe that fashion can be expressed in several ways.


Ensuring the best for its customers, Olivia Burton watches are modern and classic models detailed with various vintage-styles shape making them a perfect match for females who want a timepiece functioning simultaneously as multifaceted accessories. One of their outstanding singular approach design that you may find in their stores is the bumblebee motif. You can as well find a number of olivia burton watches australia that are offering floral colors or others with a combination of funky colors. For sure, there is a variety of choice you can make. Regardless of what you choose, you will be confident with a watch that will keep you satisfied for the rest of the years to come.


About Olivia Burton Company

Olivia Burton is a British based accessories brand that was founded by Jemma and Lesa. The two meet on their first date at the London College of Fashion and become best friends. Their bond was triggered by a common desire of the design, a passion for beginning their own business, and a struggle to find an impressive watch they wanted to wear.


After graduating, the two vintage lovers proceeded on to accomplish their fashion careers, benchmarking in various fashion brands such as Selfridges, ASOS and Topshop. With time, the idea of doing it alone was gaining momentum until 2011 when they both quitted their previous jobs and established their brand, the unbeaten Olivia Burton.




Timeless Elegance - Olivia Burton Watches


Timeless elegance, style and value are the main features of Olivia Burton watches. Oliva Burton timepieces are designed in London in a classical style with contemporary elements, mixing the very best in traditional horology and modern watchmaking.

Whether you are looking for a simple and classic dial, marble floral designs or celestial patters, olivia burton watches australia has something for everyone. Beautiful dial work and elegant casing truly set Oliva Burton watches apart from all others. Each dial is carefully designed using the finest materials and then decorated in stunning contrasting pastel colors that are subtle and refined.

Oliva Burton watches come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from traditional round to classical square, in Midi and Demi styles. Choose from a variety of band options including mesh, leather or link bracelets. Each watch is water resistant to 1 ATM and features a highly accurate quartz movement with long-lasting battery life. Cases come in stainless steel silver, gold or a lovely rose gold ion-plated stainless steel.
With over 250 models to choose from, you can find your perfect watch. If you like a little flair with your watches, you can even select from models with imbedded gemstones. Altogether there are 9 different collections to choose from including British Blooms, Rainbow Bee, Artisan Dial and Celestial. The striking styling is timeless.

In addition to being highly fashionable, Oliva Burton also believes in taking care of the environment and being a brand that is dedicated to sustainability. Only the highest quality materials are used and dedicated consultants are available to provide superior after-care support to help make sure your timepieces lasts.

A watch is not only an accessory, but it is also a way to express yourself. With an Oliva Burton timepiece, you will feel like you’re taking a stroll through an English garden in the springtime.


The Prominent Features Of Olivia Burton Watches


Floral Design

There are many watch designs on the market. Olivia Burton is someone that has created one of the more colorful watch designs for women. Many of her watches have a floral design with small flowers that are etched in the design of the face of the watch.

This has become a fashion statement where it makes the watch easily recognizable. It is great for women that love floral clothing because they can get something that matches their garments when they're trying to accessorize.

The Big Face Watch

Another thing that makes the Olivia Burton watch recognizable is the shape of the face of the watch. There is a big face design and it comes with some of these watches, and that makes it clear to see what type of watch a person is wearing.

When you have the floral design coupled with a big face watch it becomes a stylish accessory that separates these Olivia Burton watches from so many other watches that tend to look the same in design.

Square Dial

The majority of the watch designs for Olivia Burton watches are circular, but there are also some square dial designs that some women may be interested in as well. This is something that is also rather large compared to other watch designs that are much smaller.

Gold Rose Colors

There are different colors for the Olivia Burton watches, but the gold rose colors tend to be the most popular. This is a very prominent color for the watches that are designed for the new arrivals of olivia burton watches australia watches.

This is perfect for women that are looking for a watch that is going to stand out. Some people love a gold rose trim while others may want the gold rose color on the wristband of the watch as well.


About Olivia Burton Watches


Olivia Burton produces quality watches for people who are looking to obtain a quality watch that does not cost thousands of dollars to purchase. With so many organization producing quality timepieces, it can be hard to narrow down the selections from the options that are available. Researching a product is very important for anyone who is looking to buy a quality timepiece. Companies such as Rolex make great watches but they are normally out of the price range of many normal American people. Olivia Burton gives its customers a balance of quality watches combined with a premium price. When you step back and look at the companies business model it is not hard to see why the company has been so successful.


A timepiece is great for anyone who is looking to have access to the time when they do not have their phone in front of them at any point in time throughout the day. When you have a nice watch it will be one of the first items that they notice. Anyone who is looking to impress your friends or family should look into the Olivia Burton watch line up. It is quite refreshing to see a company who is making products that will bring joy into their customer's life. Watch companies such as Rolex and Cartier are a way too expensive for a normal person to purchase. Olivia Burton gives you that high quality looks with a price tag that is affordable for many people.


Researching a watch is the most important act you can do when it comes to purchasing a timepiece. websites like Reddit are the perfect forum for anyone who is looking to find out additional information on a product they are looking to purchase. Olivia Burton will be around for a long time due to the companies quality products at an affordable rate. Anyone who is looking for a timepiece that has the ability to change their life should check out the Olivia Burton watch brand.

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