Olivia Burton Watches


Who is Olivia Burton?

Best friends and co-founders Jema and Lesa founded the Olivia Burton brand of watches, jewelry, and accessories. Named after Lesa’s great aunt, the Olivia Burton brand focuses on creating timeless pieces with a classic vintage feel made from quality materials. Olivia Burton pieces are influenced by nature and fashion. Olivia Burton watches and jewelry are made to stand the test of time and are perfect as heirlooms to pass down in the family.


Olivia Burton Watches


Currently, Olivia Burton makes watches for women only. The Olivia Burton watch fragile look belies a well-made timepiece that would be the perfect gift for someone special in your life. Taking inspiration from the British countryside, the British Blooms Watch Collection features the Olivia Burton Marble Florals Silver 38mm watch with a case made of stainless steel, quartz movement, and a silver mesh strap. As well as the Olivia Burton Marble Florals Rose Gold 30mm watch with a stainless-steel case in a rose gold color, quartz movement, and London Grey strap color. Get an additional touch of whimsy by purchasing a British Blooms watch with the added design of a bee, kitten, or wolf. Olivia Burton combines florals designs with animals to create unique timepieces.




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